The story focuses on kids’ enthralling attraction to their mothers. Lily is a romantic image of Deborah who is her mother. The surrogate who first conceived her, August provides her with advice.
รีวิว 18 Agian
Anyone who has watched Ra Mi-ran perform knows she is an amazing actress who is capable of capturing a life of emotions in just one appearance. The film is portrayed by her with effortless grace and power.
An unfortunate accident has left Kang-ho in the mind that of a young child
If you’re an avid fan of Korean dramas, The Good Bad Mother is the one you should watch. It expertly shifts between funny and sad scenes without jarring the viewers. The film also displays an ability to laugh, making sarcastic remarks about the world at large. For instance, it mentions, that pigs can only observe the sky when they’re on their backs and rub personal excrement.
The complex and intriguing story about the mother’s relationship with her son is presented by Ra Mi-ran. She is a poor pork farmer but wants to see her son succeed in his career as an prosecutor. She robs him of maternal affection, and the connection between them is straining. Even his mother resents him for being too harsh and strict. They begin an emotional journey. After they recognize that their needs are different, they’ll learn to respect one another.
Young-soon, a pig with no money, is a deplor farmer
In the years that Kang-ho matures and is a prosecutor Young-soon has to fight to keep the farm going. There’s even an argument with the town’s mayor about her animals.
When she finally catches herself, she realizes that isn’t going to last long and decides to leave her son in charge of the farm’s pigs. She provides him with a journal and gives him a list of places to take him in the event of an emergency, and who to call. She teaches him how to curse at those who abuse or make fun of him.
The Good Bad Mother’s episode seven is by far the most dramatic. Kang-ho, who is a swarm of young-soon, while she struggles to keep her head above water. Kang-ho manages to save her by untangling the rope that she had created. Her next revelation is she is suffering from stomach cancer in the fourth stage. She is devastated by the news.
Kang-ho is a zealous prosecutor
Following the popularity of The Glory, Lee Do-hyun is busy working on a variety of projects. The Good Bad Mother, his most recent Netflix drama, has created waves in the K-drama world. The drama stars Ra Mi-ran Ahn Eun-jin, and Lee Do-hyun. The drama is about a mother’s and son’s journey to heal their broken relationship.
A tough prosecutor with a cold heart, Kang-ho has not always been a friend to his mother However, after a terrible accident, he comes back to her side and makes the decision to start from scratch with a new slate. When he becomes closer to his mom, he realizes that they’re actually not so close as he was thinking.
The drama was shot at Gimcheon in South Korea and has several picturesque backgrounds. The main cast includes many renowned actors in South Korea’s film industries. The film’s debut premiere was a top Netflix chart throughout the globe. The show has also created a great deal of buzz in social media. Also, it’s received positive review from experts.
Young-soon is a great mother.
In the course of the series, it becomes apparent that Young-soon has a wonderful mother despite her malignant ways. A particularly touching scene occurs in which Kang-ho weeps as he accuses his mother of taking his life. The scene really makes you feel emotional, and also showcases Ra Mi Ran’s brilliant acting talents.
Her goal is not for her son to get revenge against anyone despite her actions. He should instead live a peaceful life. She then begs him to get over his mistakes and concentrate on managing the farm.
In the future as it progresses, it will be fascinating to watch how parents and their sons embark on the journey of healing their relationships. Both of them will find it difficult to rebuild their trust. The latest episode concludes by revealing a mystery when Young-Soon discovers an SD card concealed behind a photo frame. The memory card has a mystery one, which holds the secret to Kang-ho’s life.

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