JOSÉE review is a remake of a Japanese movie. The story does not have much

to go out of the way, still and quiet, focus on telling the story with pictures, selling the atmosphere, drama-romance.

And nonverbal performances by the two leading actors Both of them performed well at a professional level.

With the context, atmosphere and performances of the two leading actors The movie fills us with many feelings, both awkward, lonely, comfortable and uncomfortable.

He clearly conveys the feelings of each scene without needing to use any words or narration. Although at the end or near the conclusion, the ending will cut off our hearts in all directions.

But in the end, we understand, surrender and embrace the reality of it without being fascinated by anything (confused about the movie and still have to confuse ourselves).

Oh… and the movie also sells Korean culture as well, because at the beginning of the heroine a lot of cooking. The male protagonist can eat it very deliciously. It stimulates the viewers’ appetite for Korean food so well.

The main heroine of the story is Josée (Han Ji-min), a young woman with a leg with birth defects. Lived with my grandmother who kept her old things. One day, her cart crashed in the middle of the road, our hero named Young-seok (Nam Joo-Hyuk) came to the rescue, after which their relationship evolved.

Our hero is a handsome student in the last year. He is the target of the girls, he works

part-time to save money for school. And he is starting to find work after graduation.

We could say that He was like a normal person. His life is the life of ordinary people.

The heroine is like a fish in an aquarium. She has a high personal world.

Is an introvert at home Obsessed with a pile of books And often has his own imaginary

world that is hard to reach.


People may see her as marginal and strange. But she doesn’t think of herself as being

trapped or trapped in a closet, on the contrary, she thinks that the outside is trapped

in the ridiculous world. She also has fear and nightmares. By the leather insert the tiger

into the form of one of the symbols

The film tells of the difficulties in her life. But most of the difficulties arise from others

in society and the environment, such as the wicked who take the opportunity to harass her.

Difficulty getting into a high place or entering a narrow place, etc., ดูหนังออนไลน์  but in general

She is able to live and take care of herself fluently. Whether to handle woodworking tools, cooking tools Or even driving




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