He is Psychometric

He is Psychometric is about a man (Jinyoung) who can read the secrets of people by touching their skin that meets a woman (Shin Ye Eun) who is trying to hide her own deep secrets. They team up to solve a mystery surrounding a fire that changed both of their lives when they were young.

Finally! A drama that hooked me from the first episode. He is Psychometric starts off strong by introducing a mystery surrounding the tragic death of Lee Ahn’s parents due to a fire. We then quickly move to the present where we have to briefly adjust to things, but it doesn’t take long once Lee Ahn meets Jae In.

Jinyoung plays Lee Ahn who develops the ability to read other people’s secrets by
touching them. But he struggles to harness his ability and make it useful. Eventually,
he meets a girl named Jae In who not only captures his interest but gives him the push
to work on his abilities.

Shin Ye Eun is Yoon Jae In. She is connected to Ahn through the same incident from
their childhood. This incident has caused her a lot of heartache in life that she has fought
hard to overcome and eventually led her to become a police officer.

Kim Kwon plays Kang Sung Mo. He is a prosecutor and an older brother figure to Ahn
after saving him from the fire as a child. There is some mystery around him though as
to what happened with him in the past leading up to the fire and what he is doing about it in the present.

And then there is Kim Da Som as Eun Ji Soo. She is a very moral and passionate
investigator who likes to get Ahn’s help when solving crimes even though he frequently
gets things wrong. She also has feelings for Sung Mo.

He is Psychometric is that exact mixture of elements I love. There is a nice romantic
side to the show that is very sweet and fun, but then there is the main crime element

that is much darker and was quite serious. And it gets more serious as the drama progresses.

This show may initially come off as a lighter crime drama, but it explores some pretty dark subjects, particularly later on.

The show did an excellent job by having a very intriguing mystery included from the very beginning. It then expanded the mystery through flashbacks that included more information and present day investigations. It carefully peeled back the layers to everything that happened leading up to the fire that changed everyone’s lives.


This drama is the definition of a serialized crime drama with all of the crimes dealt with tying into the main mystery. It makes every investigation feel relevant to our characters and their story. And that’s exactly how I like my crime dramas!

The show had fantastic pacing, and it got more suspenseful as it went which really kept me interested. There were quite a few “aha” type moments as well as some great cliffhangers. Everything was really laid out so well.


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